Our Studio

Scot Ryder of Enchanted Realms at Woodland Recording Studio

Music is our Passion "Built to Inspire the Artist within"

Woodland Recording Studio specializes in Recording and Producing Acoustic music as well as  Voice overs,  Audio books and Movie Soundtracks. 


Capturing the warmth and magic

Woodland Recording Studio was built to inspire creativity and capture the magical energy of each artist.    Built from the finest quality of hand selected Cedar, Redwood and Oak woods, Woodland Recording Studio captures the Elegance, Warmth and Beauty of your music utilizing 

the latest in recording technology. 


Full Production

We offer hourly, block rates and custom recording packages for recording, mixing and mastering of singles, EP's and full length albums. This allows our artists to focus on the music and not the clock.  If you are looking for session players to help bring your music to life, we offer the finest studio musicians in San Diego.    

Along with recording your album we also offer rehearsal studios, photo / video production as well as album art and website design.     

Meet our Staff

"Nature" By: Scot Ryder

Timberline T30HGc Harpguitar Promo - Recorded and Filmed at: Woodland Recording Studio